​​2016 was a really great year for me, it was not your typical young man year. I met several people but I’d like to take time to appreciate my Grandfather, Pa Samuel Adebayo Fayemi. I won’t talk about the lessons I learnt from his story but I’ll just share some of the things he told me that helped my 2016 life. Some of the sayings are in Yoruba language, I’ll translate as much as I can.

1. Kò s’àìle, kò s’àìrò là n gbé ilé ayé. (It’s not easy, it’s not hard, that’s how we live life. )

He told me this at a time when I was just sad. I guess it’s another version of ‘life is not a bed of roses’.
2. If someone stays faithful to God, works hard and smart, he might not be as rich as yahoo boys and politicians but he will live a comfortable life and be reckoned with.

He told me not to envy young boys who went about riding exotic cars. He assured me that all will be well soon. 
3. Sùúrù kìí pò jù. (Patience is never too much.)

He told me to be patient and have faith. He told me never to give up. 
4. If you stay too long on my sofa, April will meet you here.

My grandpa deals with young people and he told this when I complained about the postponement of my NYSC posting. People close to him can relate with this. When he says it, it feels like truly, if one stays too long in his sitting room, that time will come. 
5.Bí a kò lo, a kò níí dé. (If we don’t go, we can’t come back. )This is also about the brevity of time and the need to take action. He 
6. Omodé tí kò bá féé j’ìyà,yíó maa yó ìyà je títí yíó fi kú. (Any child that doesn’t want to suffer will suffer little by little until death. )

He told me to work hard and make good use of my youth. Whatever happens in midlife and old age is a result of decisions made in the youthful age. 
7. Eni tó yó máa ń p’ánú, eni tí ebi ń pa níí rankùn. (The person whose tummy is filled pushes it in, it’s the hungry man that expands his tummy. )

He said that real wealth doesn’t shout. People who show off are not really rich. They’re only showing off to cover the inadequacies of their wealth. 

I can go on and on but for now, I’ll limit it to just 7. Grandparents are amazing people. It’s always a privilege to have them. Mine is also a confidant and friend. Cheers to long life, granny.