So we really need to save our schools. By saving these schools, we are saving humanity itself. #HappyInternationalLiteracyDay


Unlike Nigerian Universities of those days, no Nigerian University of present -federal, state or private- can claim that she lays a solid foundation for her students and no Nigerian student can make bold to say that their University days is wholesome and fulfilling. Not when laboratories that once oiled the wheels of inventions and innovations have become empty permanent abode for rodents. Not when libraries that once fuelled the vehicle of knowledge and whet the intellectual appetite of individuals have become ordinary reading rooms and dumpsites for out-of-date books and journals. The serene ambiance expected of learning environments has in our universities given way to the hazy tunes of generating sets that have to be resorted to as a result of erratic power supply. Nigerian students receive lectures in “lecture hells” and not lecture halls and those who are unfortunate enough to stay in hostels live in parlous and doleful…

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