​It’s been ages since I posted here, I know but well, a lot has happened in the past year. I  decided to post this tonight on the anniversary of the counter coup that defined and. The July 29 1966 coup. This is from my scrapbook. 

I spent the past two months reading about the Nigerian Civil War, I bought books, borrowed from friends and I’ve made proper use of the Internet too. Major Ademoyega’s ‘Why We Struck’ introduced me to the late Kaduna Nzeogwu, Emefiana Ezeani wrote a well researched but thoroughly emotional book: ‘In Biafra, Africa Died.’ Achebe advised Okigbo not to let them publish Ifeajuna’s manuscript :The Indictment. I also got Ojukwu’s ‘Because I am Involved’ where he explained the circumstances surrounding his decisions. Solitude has been helpful and by happenstance, I’ve  had some unusual spare time. 
Perhaps because of a decision not to take sides per se, I’ve seen that gruesome war relived in my head a couple of times. One night, I scampered to safety running from a Nigerian Army air raid. Another night, the seemingly ordinary event of earlier in the day replayed in my head. Keke riders who display the Biafra flag were charged for treason. 

And tonight, I can’t sleep, I saw Ojukwu on the expressway in Ikire, he drove a coaster bus headed for the South East. Awolowo was laughing at him, teasing him. It happened again, I had to pray it away

It is all muddled up, this Port Harcourt life isn’t helping too, we all speak pidgin, too many ethnic groups and too many ignorant people talking about what they don’t know. History is too uncomfortable, unresolved history is even worse. I need to start writing these nonsense out of my head. I’m not Gowon, Biafra can’t haunt me.

This is my official welcome post and I’m going to be doing a lot of posting in the days of come. I’m going to be writing all kind of things, on all kind of issues. I hope you stick around. Cheers