There are so many versions of the story that have been told, we all would explicitly and indubitably agree that there are three sides to a story: the antagonist’s, the protagonist’s and the truth. Be that as it may, Mahatma Ghandi rightly said “I object to violence because when it appears to be good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.” We shouldn’t shy away from condemning the grossly insane, unjustifiable and barbaric acts the students of the aforementioned citadel of learning put up after receiving the shocking news that should have called for a sober reflection, for if this is their reaction to being sober, what they would do when angry is better imagined. A very doleful and morbid situation that could have been used to correct the ills of the college has been handled wrongly by some set of mentally depraved students and in the process put the entirety of the few sane ones in the same state of mayhem and hodgepodge.
They tried giving an excuse for the violence but the broadcats messages they were sending on social media made them look even more clueless. Imagine this:

‘why wont d student destroy d skool buses?? what is the usefulness of buses that only serve the lecturers’ interest?? why shud d students pay over 30,000 (minus d fuel nd driver fee) to acquire d service of d buses which each student cupulsorily pay 5,000 for every year. The Student have never enjoyed d service of dis buses, the buses only work when a lecturer has a burial or naming ceremony The students initially required d service of d costa bus frm d skool authority and they were told that a former lecturer wants to use d bus for wedding ceremony….just Imagine!!!!! so tell me afta 2 deaths and more dan 7 in critical conditions, will you still blame these students who have lost a frnd,cusmate,rummate,level mate,Brother and colleague??? pls u guys shud reason critically nd humanly b4 commenting’

In defending their actions, they got what they wanted; closure of the college( ) A society that presumes a norm of violence and celebrates aggression, whether in the hallway, football field, school premises or outside, even in the conduct of business cannot help but make celebrities of the people that will destroy it. My condolences go to the dead and to those still on the sick bed, my pity however goes to the parents of the students of this college who would foot the bill for the atrocitious, horrific, monstrous and barbaric acts of these students. I also pity Nigeria, because only God knows what kind of citizens these violent ones will become in future. It is high time the student governing body stood up to the issue of violence that ravages Nigerian Tertiary Institutions and find a lasting solution to it. These violent students who cannot protest without being violent are the ones who give the generality of Nigerian Students a bad name. Its such a big shame.