“The things we put out to the world inevitably make their way back to us, whether those things are good, bad, negative or positive. They all make their way back to us.”

-Josh Hinds

Success is a big word that has so many misconceptions and so many people do not understand it. Like a friend of mine will say “success is skeptical” it has different meanings to different people, but is that so? Everyone sets out to achieve one thing every day. YES! That’s the word I have been searching for, ACHIEVEMENT. Will I rather equate achievement to success? And if I try, would I not be wrong? I was inspired to write this article 30minutes into my sober reflection on how desperate I am to succeed and the thought of ‘what if I don’t?’ Will I be penalized? What if there was no success to start with? What if this is all just a test? What if what I call success is actually not? What if what… I’m always reminded of my favorite quote “Whatever you believe becomes the conviction of your dream so choose your beliefs with care” I know you must be asking “HOW DOES THAT EVEN RELATE?” I guess I must have completely lost some of you with the last statement, I must admit this EPISODIC article will bypass some laws and change your entire view if not a little about SUCCESS.

I woke up that day close to the end of the month. We both wanted this job, Alex wanted it and so did I. I didn’t know if I have what it takes but I was ready to give it a try, I had already gone too far to fail, too far to turn back; I looked at the wall clock as it chimed. Damn!! Quarter past nine!! The interview was scheduled for nine, how could we have slept so late, I turned over on the bed, Alex was still snoring. Alex! Alex!! Wake up we are late, he mumbled and I slapped the sleep out of his face. That, I must confess I love doing, he backed off on the bed and looked at me with such anger, I pointed at the clock in silence and he shifted his gaze. Oh my GOD! The interview? Yes I said. He fumbled around a little then sped into the bathroom, filled the closet with water from his bowel. Disgusting! ‘Your fluid smells.’ It’s Urine! Stop calling my urine fluid, he shot back. Call it what you may Alex, it still smells. Whatever! Like I care. I loved taunting him, I rushed down the back alley and picked up my bucket, and the tap did me some good. I hurried into the only bathroom of the whole apartment before someone else will. I used my towel in place of the door and in twenty minutes, we were ready.

I knew we were late and whosoever will be interviewing us must have ticked punctuality off our record. ‘We can do this’ Alex said as he looked at me. I know we can. Even if we cannot, we must do this and we must succeed, Rita must have that heart transplant, she is too young to die. If only we can get this job, our salary will cover for it. We got there at exactly 9:45a.m. The P.M.D sat us down and we knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

Well no good thing is. He smiled and his moustache grimed hatred, the wall around the office looked sternly at us, the floor was cold and unbearable even with our palette shoes. Three men dressed in suit walked in and joined us. It was like a conference meeting, I must confess that prior to that day, I have never been in such building, with such men before. They looked financially okay, not reckoning to my consent, my head turned right and I saw fear in Alex’s face, he was overwhelmed with pain, the fact that we needed this money against this environ dawned on me. Congratulations! We passed! The interview was tough but we passed. Welcome to DANTE MOTORS, I secured the position of the Supervisor, Marketing Department and Alex, Assembly Department. But how did we manage to pass? I will tell you. Wait!! One more question! The man who had said nothing all this while motioned us to sit, he looked at us with little satisfaction, we weren’t the best to him. They have had over twelve thousand applicants, how can I just choose you? Now it evinced on us who he was after all. His question caught us off guard, he had been silent all through the interview observing, his question wasn’t one to consider or was it? He couldn’t be asking us such but he just did. Will our hopes be shattered here? I opened my mouth and air filled it, just now, it seemed my words were on vacation.

Alex stepped forward; we must not lose this opportunity. The words dangled out, the question rang in my head again “IN THE ABSENCE OF SUCCESS, what will you do? I sighed it’s over…

To be continued…………………….