|Tribute to Afrika and others who were
murdered in 1999.
The tyrant dies and his rule is over, the martyr
dies and his rule begins.
Søren Kierkegaard
*Omole n’ika o, Omole n’ika ooo, Omole lo pa
Afrika, Omole n’ika ooo.* (Omole is wicked,
Omole killed Afrika)
I learnt that song before I became a
matriculated student of OAU. To students and
many activist, Prof. Wale Omole, the then VC
sponsored the killing of Iwilade George(Afrika),
Eviano Ekelemu, Yemi Ajiteru and others.They
were gruesomely murdered by cultists on 10
July 1999. Although, a commission of inquiry
was set up by the Obasanjo government to
investigate the issue, Prof Omole wasn’t found
guilty and even the cultists who were
apprehended by the OAU militia were later
purpotedly acquited by the court for lack of
evidence.(Typical Nigerian Judiciary.) From all
indications, Prof Omole is culpable, maybe not
directly. The internal cracks in the Union CEC
was also exploited. By the way, Prof Wale
Omole now chairs the Governing Council of
Not much has been done to immortalise these
matyrs since then. A block in Angola is named
after Afrika, the amphitheatre is also named
after him by the Union. Despite the fact that
their blood was the price paid for the peaceful
campus we now enjoy, a campus so peaceful it
almost drove me mad as a fresh student
coming from UNAD(Ekiti State University.) I
started going to the ATM machine in d
midnight because I just could not stand the
daylight queue. Even the Union’s account of
the incident(A Cry for Justice) is almost
inaccessible, we don’t even have copies of it in
the University Bookshop.The only detailed and
objective account of the incident is on the
blog of an alumnus who revisited the issue on
the 10th anniversary in 2009 visionofthefutu
slayings-still-ife.html?m=1 In OAU, July 10 1999
is to us what 9/11/2001 is to Americans . It
was the day we said NO to cultism, the day
freedom was entrenched, the day our freedom
of speech was restored.
July 10 last year, we were at home for the ASUU
strike as a result of the failure of the Federal
Government, this year again, we are at home as
a punishment for fighting injustice and
oppression. Maybe there’s never uhuru!
Afrika and others! You guys came, saw and
conquered. OAU will always remember you for
what you stood for. We will also continue
towing your steps by saying NO to cultism,
brigandage and oppression. Sleep on,


P.S Prof Wale Omole is remembered for many
things. The incumbent VC, Prof Tale Omole will
also be remembered for many things, among
which is the current closure. His tenure will
come to an end one day, just as other tenures
and he will be remembered.